Three Marketing Tools Your Marketing Strategy Plan Needs.

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The digital marketing world is constantly evolving and changing. When we talk about strategic ways of reaching our audiences, it is assumed that the most effective way is through social media. There are other marketing tools out there from which your business can benefit from in order to achieve its objectives like; email marketing, messaging and mobile apps. These marketing tools are a must in your marketing strategy plan in order to gain leads, convert and retain consumers at greater scale.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing has become one of the most used marketing tools. Its purpose is to create and bring traffic to the website by generating leads and product signups. The most important objectives to consider in email marketing campaigns are that the consumers opted to receive the content, offer valuable content that differentiates you from the rest of the brands and create a subject line that captures your audience’s attention. You may ask yourself; where do I start? Lindsey Kolowich recommends the following simple steps to create an email campaign:

1. Use the best email builder to create an effective email marketing campaign.

2. Use personalized elements and imagery to capture your audience’s attention.

3. Use a design that adapts to all devices.

4. Use subject lines that increase your open email rate.

Ipsy has managed to create successful email marking that gets me to open the email — they send emails every month of my month’s Glam Bag with the subject line “Paola, it’s time for your September Glam Bag Plus”. This immediately captures my attention to see what the brand has personally created for me.The emails include visuals of my Glam Bag products and a “call to action” to visit the website to choose my months free added product.

SMS Messaging

The phones have become an essential part of the consumer’s life, because it helps us find information quicker and stay up to date with the latest social media trends. The dependency that the humans have on their phones may seem negative to many, but to businesses it opens up millions of opportunities. SMS marketing provides an easy and effective way to steer clear from the noisy and saturated marketing world and reach your audience instantly.

Neil Patel suggests the following advantages that SMS marketing has over other tools:

1. Highest engagement rate of any marketing medium.

2. Trackable platforms.

3. Interactive Content & Personal Touch.

4. Great for emerging markets in underdeveloped countries.

Uber Eats uses this strategy to send offers, codes for discounts and alerts of limited deals. The difference I find in them with other brand is that they don’t give the opt out option. Giving your audience a way to opt out or in of you SMS marketing is an important detail that can make or break your strategy.

Mobile Apps

Today many businesses are recurring to apps to gain leads, convert clients and enhance customer experience (Commentor, 2019 ) . Mobile branding apps have become the tools that today’s brand rely on in order to have a direct channel to engage with customers. Apps have given companies the opportunity to get closer to their consumers and create new ways to reach them. To create a successful and functional app the Expert Commentor gives the following tips:

Focus on mobile features and stay up to date with technological trends that make your app functional and user friendly.

Social networks are great for business; therefore, the effectiveness of your branded app depends on interactions with social media.

Include — Logo, Name, Colors and Mascot — that make your brand unique. Including these elements will ensure that the consumer recognizes and associates them to your brand.

The beauty of digital marketing is that they are so many channels available to interact with your audience. All of these channels at the end tie together to create a marketing communication system that helps build good and lasting relationships with your audience.

Here are a couple of questions that came up while reading these blogs that might motivate you to do more research on this topic:

To track the effectiveness of the channels and put all the efforts towards the most effective strategy, what platforms are used for tracking leads, conversions and reach?

For beginners in the mobile app world, what app designing platforms are more user friendly?


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