Influencer Marketing: Palabreo X Didi Romero

5 min readOct 28, 2020


In this ever-changing digital marketing world, companies and brands are constantly looking for the next innovative way to engage with consumers and generate revenue. A decade ago, the influencer market was only limited to celebrities and few dedicated bloggers. Today, we’ve seen an exponential rise in social media influencers that range from Mega influencers to Nano influencers. Influencer marketing is a promotion strategy used by brands, which consists of taking advantage of a person’s charisma, influence and fame to get their message or business proposal to their target audience.

An influencer, as Mark Schaefer discusses, is anyone who posts content that gets shared. It’s a person who can move ideas to their own audience and beyond. In fact, many consumers turn to influencers for authentic advocacy of services and products, because they trust more in the content generated by the influencers than the content generated by the brands. From a psychological point of view, people are much more likely to be influenced by those they admire or love. By combining this fact with the qualities of social networks, an advertising message can thus be promoted very effectively.

For instance, Palabreo is a small local online shop that sells merchandise like shirts, hoodies, stickers and more with Puerto Rican slangs and vocabulary. The small business is the result of an initiative that was born on the desk of a copywriter and graphic designer artist that wanted to celebrate every day the Puerto Rican vocabulary through their merchandise. Since the COVID-19 pandemic many small businesses have emerged and through the help of social media strategies, like influencer marketing, they have gained great recognition in the young adult audience. Palabreo launched a campaign for their new Collab collection with the social media influencer Didi Romero. The campaign’s goals were to increase revenue, exposure and new clients; to achieved this they used the influencer marketing strategy.

Didi Romer is social media influencer that belongs to the entertainment niche. She is a known singer, actress, famous youtuber and Macro influencer from Puerto Rico. She counts with 614k followers and Instagram and millions on her YouTube Channel, where she first started her career as an influencer. Her content concentrates mostly on videos and IGHTVs that include funny interpretations, pictures of her lifestyle, videos of her daily life and many collaborations with known brands like, Cheez It, Suave, Crunch, AT&T and more. Didi is in her twenties, therefore most of the audience consist of young adults between the ages of 18–30 years. She is loved by her audience for her charisma, uniqueness and quirky personality, which has gained her high engagement rates on social media. Palabreo has supported Didi since the start of her career, and in many posts, she advertises and promotes the brand. For this campaign they chosed her as their influencer because it was a collection made between them both, made specifically for her audience that had been asking her for some time to create a merchandise with the word “Didiokre”; which she uses to refer to all her fans. The products being sold are a T-shirt with the word “Didiokre” and a sticker with the word “Puñekis” which are words that she uses all the times on her videos. Didi is a proud Puerto Rican, that has the same audience that Palabreo needs to target. Therefore, not only is she a direct channel to the correct audience, but there is a deeper connection between Palabreo and Didi because they have been by her side since the start of her career believing in her and supporting her. She will advocate the brand because she loves it and values it. This will help her create real and more wholesome content for the audience about the brand.

In the post she is directly selling the merchandise with the message to buy the shirt and become part of the “Didiokre” team. She also opens and engagement channel, by asking to sending her pictures with the merchandise to post on her Instagram or to tag her in their stories. The post counts with thousands of likes and 161 comments. The comments consist of positive feedback of people talking about the merchandise, where they can get it and when does it get restocked. The engagement gives a clear message that the merchandise went sold out immediately, meaning it was an effective strategy. It’s amazing to see how Didi has been able to create all this #Ad’s while still maintaining her iconic personality and transferring that to every collaboration she does. Didi is a great example of an influence, as Mark Schaefer says influencers are seen as warm, competent, and most importantly effective.


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