A Marketing Perspective on YouTube Channels.

Welcome back to my blog!

Today I will be talking to you about my favorite YouTube Channel. The channel is called Naomi John, a vlog starring 24-year-old comedian youtuber of the same name. Her video contents are short, simple sketches full of humor and relatable content. Also, added elements of humorous voices, short songs, and guests who make the videos very wholesome. Her videos are very genuine, full of everyday ordinary events that make me relate to her content a lot. The videos themes range from makeup tutorials, to trying new social trends, experimenting with different hair colors and stories about her personal life.

Naomi is always the host of the video, sometimes accompanied by her best friend Vincent, her cats or any other guests that she invites to the channel. Most of the videos are shot and produced in her home, giving it a cozy welcoming feeling. Each video is no longer than 20 minutes, making you feel like you are embarking in one of Naomi’s quick and crazy adventures. Her videos contain quick cuts, humorous editing, references to modern memes and social occurrences and animations. These techniques are strategic ways to attract and keep the audience entertained. She tends to give a quick preview of the videos in the first 10 secs of her videos; a strategy used by many youtubers to capture the attention of the audience as they scroll through the platform. Another strategy she uses is bumper ads at the start, in the middle and at the end of the video as an attempt to keep the audience engaged in the channel.

I think that her originality, her content and creative elements of her videos are what attract and capture the attention of new followers and loyal followers. The excitement to see what crazy new idea she will come up with next is one thing that me and many other subscribers look forward to every week.

The most enjoyable aspects of her videos are that they are very casual and unprofessional. She is just herself in front of the camera with a captivating personality that is loud and funny, transparent and genuine. Her videos are very easy to find, her playlist is divided by the themes of the video; for example all of her makeup tutorial videos are under the same folder. Therefore, I find her channel to be very organized, simple and user friendly, which is great for when you re-watch a video or show one of your friends a specific video that they’ll enjoy.

If I had to criticize anything from her YouTube channel it would be the SEO optimization titles for her videos. Her video titles just look like a random sentence that does hold some related keywords to the video, but I believe they could be better; this would bring her even more traffic to her page. The same for her video description, they don’t describe what to expect from the video and for new followers this might drive them away. From a marketing point of view, changing these little details will definitely be a game changer for her career.

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